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The Faculty

It is the bright students and a dedicated faculty that complement the infrastructure at gyansthali The staff is selected not for their academic qualifications alone. What is also considered while appointing the faculty is their disposition towards teaching and their levels of involvement with their prodigy. Not relying on the entry qualifications of the teachers, the school also puts them through a slew of workshops and training programmes to mould them to meet the high standards of this institution. The faculty members regularly attend the workshops conducted by the Auxilium innovators services, Bhopal to keep themselves updated with the latest trends, gyansthali academy brims with staff and student of extraordinary commitment.

We at gyansthali academy realize that academic and other achievements are made on the foundation of a healthy student teacher relationship. The teachers at our institution are constantly studying and updating themselves on the new techniques of delivering lessons and getting the student interested in the subject. Going beyond the classrooms, they also strike a bond with the student which helps them to ensure his all round academic, cultural and emotional grooming. A disciplinarian, when the child need it, a friend who shares their joys and concerns and truly a friend philosopher and guide, our teachers combine the best of Indian education system and the ever new global techniques of imparting education.