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We understand that all students are uniquely talented. Within our aberrantly supportive community, students develop creativity and a spirit of innovation and relish the broad undergraduate research opportunities to realize their individual potential to the fullest. The GYAN STHALI ACADEMY located in the RAJGARH (M.P.). The GYAN STHALI ACADEMY, developed by the Trust is inclined towards phenomenon based learning so that the students get connected to real life and are provided quality education while retaining Indian values.

Chairman’s Message

The excellent progress since its inception shows how much effort and dedication has been put into making our venture a success. Our endeavour is to provide the best education in the region in a planned manner. Our effort here is to ensure that our students imbibe the qualities that would help them balance excellence and academic with creativity and compassion. We are hopeful that consistent efforts in the direction will help us to put this institution in the front of all competition to emerge as the preferred choice for student for year to come.

Our Facilities

Our Mission

The aim of Gyan Sthali Academy is to provide the best and holistic education to its pupil.

To instil a sense of Nationalism, Social equality.

To strengthen a culture of academic excellence.

Tp prepare student for advanced academic study.